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How to Write the Sales Bio

The sales bio is a great marketing tool for those working in sales. It provides a summary of your career highlights in sales and can help establish a connection with potential clients. A sales bio is a brief document and is usually less than one page in length. sales bio sample

The basic structure of the bio is shown here:

  • Introduction – You should give your name, current position and a few of your accomplishments in the position.
  • Body – the body may be anywhere from one to three brief paragraphs of information.
  • Conclusion – One or two sentences of some type of personal information. Nothing to personal or detailed. You could mention a hobby or some interest you have, your family. This makes you seem more like a real person to the reader and presents a good chance to create a connection.
  • Contact information – Make sure you include some way for the reader to contact you.

Guidelines for Writing the Sales Bio

Regardless of whether you are writing a sales manager bio or a bio for a sales agent, the following guidelines should be kept in mind:

  • Target your audience – Determine who your audience will be. It will depend on the purpose of your bio. Once you know who will be reading your bio and the impression you want to make, write with the reader in mind.
  • Avoid making a sales pitch – Don’t write your bio so that it reads like a sales pitch, and don’t use the bio to directly market your product.
  • Use third person/narrative – Write the bio in third person and use a narrative style of writing
  • When possible include quantifiable accomplishments – Percentage increase in sales, amount of revenue generated and number of contracts closed and signed are some examples

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