Great and Helpful Tips for Writing a Bio

top tips for writing a bioWriting biographies isn’t for everyone. With that being said, those who want to try their hand in writing their own biography should look for professional biography sample to get a feel for the writing task. It wouldn’t hurt to look for tips for writing a bio too and to help you out, our writers have put together their own tips that you can use in your bio writing.

Tips for Writing a Bio

  • Know your purpose. Why are you writing a bio in the first place? Is it for your personal website, for work, or for your friends?
  • Use third person. As a rule, when writing a biography it should always be in the third person. Sounds easy, right? Not really. It’s hard to remain impartial when writing your own bio which is why some people need that extra help from a professional writer.
  • Write micro, long, and short bios. This is probably one of the most useful tips on writing a bio because here you will need to come up with a short and longer version of your bio for different uses. The micro bio should be about 100 words at least.
  • Begin your bio with your name. Of course your reader should know who you are immediately.
  • Talk about your business. Your readers would want to know what you do immediately so write about your current employment and what you’ve accomplished along the way.
  • Add personality. If you’re writing a longer bio, you can always add a bit of personality by writing something totally unexpected. This will pique your reader’s interest.
  • Always edit. Proofreading and editing are always done at the end to help polish your bio. Don’t forget it.

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More Bio Writing Tips

The internet is definitely the best place to look for more tips on how to write a good bio. However, it’s easy enough to make the wrong choice in samples due to their abundance. One sure way that the sample you’re going to use is acceptable is to get one from us. The samples that we provide are following the rules governing bios which mean that you can use them as your guides.

Professional Bio Writers

professional tips on writing a bioAside from getting tips for writing a bio from us, we also offer writing services in case you need some professional assistance with your own biography. All that you have to do is send us your order, pay the fee, and we’ll have one of our bio writers work on it for you.

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