Top 5 Famous People: Bio Facts You Didn’t Know

top tips for writing a bioWriting a biography is one of the most interesting subjects of all because it lets you investigate and learn more about the person you will be writing about to give justice to the biography. Include major accomplishments, things that this person does outside his or her field and so on. Now if you’re writing about a famous person, like Marilyn Monroe, include facts that your readers do not know about her to make your piece more interesting. For ideas and help writing a bio, you may check out the following key facts that people do not know about five famous people in history.

Bio Facts

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Marilyn Monroe
  • One of the first female producers
  • No dumb blonde
  • Not plus-sized, full-figured or a size 12
  • Adored children
  • Won numerous awards

Abraham Lincoln

  • Created the Secret Service hours
  • Enshrined in the Wrestling Hall of Fame
  • The only president to have obtained a patent
  • Came under enemy fire on a Civil War battlefield
  • Personally test-fired rifles outside the White House

Mother Theresa

  • Has some doubts in her belief
  • Left her family at 18 to never return
  • Won the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize
  • Founded a number of charity organizations for the poor
  • Was voted as one of the 10 most admirable women 18 times in her life

John F. Kennedy

  • Received last rite three times before his presidency
  • Donated his congressional and presidential salaries to charity
  • Installed a secret taping system in the White House
  • Proposed a joint Soviet mission to the moon

Martin Luther King

  • Received his doctorate systematic theology
  • Birth name was Michael, not Martin
  • Was jailed 28 times
  • Escaped on an assassination attempt a decade before his death
  • Last public speech foretold his death

best tips on writing a bio

Tips for Writing a Bio

  • Know your purpose. Why are you writing a bio in the first place? Is it for your personal website, for work, or for your friends?
  • Use third person. As a rule, when writing a biography it should always be in the third person. Sounds easy, right? Not really. It’s hard to remain impartial when writing your own bio which is why some people need that extra help from a professional writer.
  • Write micro, long, and short bios. This is probably one of the most useful tips on writing a bio because here you will need to come up with a short and longer version of your bio for different uses. The micro bio should be about 100 words at least.
  • Begin your bio with your name. Of course your reader should know who you are immediately.
  • Talk about your business. Your readers would want to know what you do immediately so write about your current employment and what you’ve accomplished along the way.
  • Add personality. If you’re writing a longer bio, you can always add a bit of personality by writing something totally unexpected. This will pique your reader’s interest.
  • Always edit. Proofreading and editing are always done at the end to help polish your bio. Don’t forget it.

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