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Why You Need an Artist Bio

The artist bio is one of the best and least expensive ways an artist has to promote themselves. It provides an overview of who you are and what you do in a format that is easy to read and can hold the readers interest. Your artist biography shows off your accomplishments as an artist while at the same time it lets the reader see who you are as a person.

Some of the reasons you might need a bio include:

  • Websites and blogs – Many artists have their own websites or blogs and a version of the artist’s bio should be included.
  • Programs – If a musician or actor is performing in a play or concert there is often a program that is provided to audience members. Programs often include artist bios of those performing
  • Shows/displays – If any of your work such as a painting or sculpture is being displayed somewhere a bio is often included.
  • Applying for work – When an actor wants to try out for a part in a play, the director will usually want them to provide a bio.

Being an artist means that you have a creative mind. That you know how to come up with creative solutions. However, writing about yourself can be difficult as you will have to talk about your work without giving the impression that you are an egocentric artist.

Writing an artist bio on your own is harder than you may think. You will have to write about your background, your important achievements, and career successes. But you have to do it in a subtle way. And finding the right balance is what most people struggle with.

How to Write Your Artist Bio

If you have decided to try your hand writing artist biography on your own, you should be aware of the main difficulties people have when writing their bio. Many people struggle to talk about themselves in the third person. But you will have to do it if you are writing your own bio.

Listing and selecting the most important achievements of your career can be tricky. While you may think something is really important, the reader may find it irrelevant. Also, revising your own bio and spotting the mistakes is complicated. Since you wrote it, you already know what the next word will be, and you will not be able to catch every error.

Many performers and other artists don’t know what to include when writing artist biography statements about themselves. The following are some basic rules on how to write artist bio material regardless of what form your art takes:

  • Start with the basics. What’s your name? What do you do? Who do you perform with and where? Where is your art shown? These questions generally should be answered in the first paragraph of your bio.
  • Cover the immediate purpose of the bio. Are you performing somewhere or is some of your work going to be shown? The reason why you are writing the bio should be covered early on.
  • Use simple, direct language to describe what you do and have done, and use objective language. Avoid using words like “best” or “greatest,” which are opinions, and stick to the facts. The only time subjective language should be used in the bio should be in the form of quotes.
  • Avoid the use of cliché phrases that could apply to any artist. You should use language that separates you from others and makes you stand out.

Learning how to write artist bio properly can be daunting. Thus, our experts give you some helpful advice. Always remember to follow a basic structure. This will help you ensure you transmit your message the way you wanted. And, it will also help you connect with the reader.

To do so, you will need to include the most relevant fact about your career and yourself. Write about your strongest skills as an artist, and what makes your work unique. And, do not forget to include your contact details at the end.

If you are having difficulty writing your artist bio, we provide a service that can help.

Get Help Writing Your Artist Bio

We have an expert team of professionals ready to help you with your artist bio. They will go the extra mile to ensure your bio is perfect, eye-catching, and relevant. Thanks to their skills, we can help you through our:

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You can be sure that if you trust us with your artist biography, you will be satisfied with the result. We will work hard to deliver a high-quality bio, one that you are happy to use. But all of this could not be possible without our team.

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We offer bio editing and writing for any type of bio including bios for artists. The writers we use are experienced professionals and specialize in bio writing. Every bio we provide is original and tailored to the individual needs of the client. Other benefits of using our service include:

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