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How to Write an IT Professional Bio

An IT professional bio is something professionals in the industry will most likely need at some point in their career. The IT bio provides a brief summary of your credentials and qualifications in the IT field in a narrative format. A version of the IT bio might be used when seeking employment, on company websites, for it professional bio sampleestablishing credentials when publishing/public speaking or for some other purpose.

The following are the basic steps in writing an IT biography:

  • Determine your purpose for writing the bio. A bio that will accompany an IT article you are publishing will stress your qualifications on the topic the article was written about while the bio for a job application should focus on specific skills the job calls for. Knowing the audience the bio is intended for and its purpose will be helpful in creating an effective bio.
  • Select the information you want to include in the bio. This can include your name and current position, previous employment that is relevant to your purpose, industry affiliations you have that are relevant to your purpose, etc.
  • Write the first draft of your bio.
  • Revise and edit you bio.

Tips and Suggestions for Writing an IT Professional Bio

The following tips may be helpful when writing a bio for IT professional purposes:

  • Write bios in the third person using a narrative style of writing.
  • Keep your IT bio brief. Most IT biographies should be less than a page. Paragraphs should also be short. Limit them to three or four sentences each.
  • Eliminate any information in the bio that isn’t necessary. Anything that isn’t relevant to your purpose should be removed.

Writing an IT bio isn’t easy for many IT professionals. You may want to consider using a professional bio writing service like the one we provide.

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