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What to Include in a Photographer Bio

photographer bio sampleA photographer bio has the potential to be an effective sales tool but it can also deter potential clients. It is a competitive world out there and there is no shortage of photographers looking for clients. One of the biggest influences on potential customer’s selection of a professional photographer is the impression they have of the photographer. In many cases the first impression a client has of you is going to come from your bio so it is important that you have a well written bio that makes a good impression.

Your photographer biography should address the following:

  • Who you are – Your name and a bit about your experience and credentials.
  • What you do – Do you specialize in family portraits, weddings or something else? What you do should be stated in your biography.
  • Benefits of working with you – What does a customer gain by working with you as opposed to another photographer? Let potential clients know about the advantages of working with you.
  • Why you are a photographer – What are your reasons for being a photographer? Telling potential clients why you do what you do helps build a connection.

Photographer Bio Writing Tips

The following tips are something you may want to keep in mind as you write your photographer biography:

  • Be brief and to the point – All the information you need to convey can be covered in a couple of paragraphs. Avoid a lengthy bio.
  • Avoid talking too much about yourself – Sure it’s your bio but the truth is clients want to know more about what you can do for them than they do about you personally.
  • Let potential clients know what they can expect from you – This has more to do with quality and level of service than pricing or products
  • Don’t get technical – Most people don’t want to know what lens you will use, shutter speeds or other technical data. It may interest other photographers but not most of your potential clients.

Writing a photographer bio that creates the impression you want isn’t always easy. Our bio writing service can help you if you are having problems writing your bio.

Help with Writing the Photographer Bio

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