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What Is the Project Manager Bio

The project management bio is a short document, usually less than one page in length. This means you will have to choose what information you want to include as there won’t be enough room for everything. Some of your career highlights that are relevant to the purpose will be the focus, and a brief history of your employment and education. The project manager biography is a summary of your professional career and provides the reader evidence of your qualifications and credentials as well as a glimpse of your personal side.

It might be used for:

  • Job application – Employers often like to scan a bio to decide whether or not to look deeper into an applicant’s resume.
  • Company websites – Many companies post bios of key employees on their websites
  • Publishing articles/guest speaking – A professional bio informs the audience of your credentials to speak or write on a topic.

According to the Project Management Institute, by the end of 2020, there will be 15.7 million new project management roles. So if you want to be prepared, and make sure you stay ahead of the competition, you will need a project manager bio.

A strong biography can help you stand out from the crowd and let the reader know you are a strong candidate. To make sure you catch the reader’s attention, your bio needs to be well-written, persuasive, and brief. If you meet these requirements, you can be sure your bio will get the results you were looking for.

You may think that writing an interesting biography should not be that difficult. After all, who knows you better than you? But the truth is that writing about yourself is complicating. You will need to find the perfect balance between selling yourself but not seem egocentric. You also need to highlight your most important achievements, but make sure they are the ones the readers want to know about.

On top of that, you also need to proofread, edit, and polish your biography. If you let even the tiniest mistake get printed, your professional image can be damaged. Thus, contacting a professional writer to help you can make sure you have a persuasive and well-written bio that will get you what you want.

How to Write a Project Manager Bio

Before you start actually writing your project manager bio, consider the purpose and audience. This will influence what information you include. A basic project manager bio will consist of the following parts, limited to one paragraph per part:

  • Introduction – It should include your name, current position and the organization that you are employed with. A brief description of your duties and responsibilities in your current position should also be provided.
  • Professional history – List your relevant work history starting from the most recent and working your way back. Don’t include any jobs that aren’t relevant.
  • Awards or special accomplishments – Any awards or special recognition you have received that are pertinent should be included.
  • Education history – Colleges and universities attended and degrees granted. Also any industry certifications you may have earned. Don’t include anything before college.
  • Personal information – Depending on the purpose of the bio you may want to include one or two personal comments as well as your contact information

If you have decided to write your bio on your own, you should be aware of some errors you can make. There are some common mistakes people do when writing their project management bio. Taking note of them will help you avoid them.

Many people forget to write their bio in the third person. Which is vital as you are selling yourself as a strong and capable professional. Not including relevant information, and instead, write about something that has nothing to do with your career, is another common mistake. Also, forgetting to add your contact details is an error you cannot make.

To help you write a perfect bio, our experts will give you some helpful advice:

Always remember to proofread your biography. Any silly mistake can damage your reputation. Revising your bio after you have finished writing it, will make sure you print a flawless text. It will tell the reader that you care about the tiny details and that you are a perfectionist. Both highly desired skills for a project manager.

Should you have any difficulties writing the project manager bio, our bio writing service can help.

Our Bio Writing Service Includes Project Manager Bios

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