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Content of the Real Estate Agent Bio

As it might be the first contact you have with a client, your real estate agent bio should create an impression that you know the business. It should also convey a sense of integrity as gaining the clients trust is essential in the real estate business. The information you include in your agent biography should be chosen to help create an impression of capability and integrity.

This will include:

  • realtor bio sampleProfessional experience – Provide information about your real estate experience and skills and expertise. Real estate related organizations/awards can be included as well as information on education. Establish your expertise and qualifications but don’t include so much the reader is overwhelmed.
  • Personal information – Personal details about family, pets, hobbies and interests are the type of things you should include. They make you seem more like a real person and are also where you have a good chance of making a connection with somebody reading your biography. However don’t get too detailed about your personal life.
  • Geographic location – The bio should contain information about the area that you cover as location is how most people look for real estate.
  • Contact information – Make sure to include your contact information to make it easy for any potential clients to contact you.

Writing the Real Estate Agent Bio

There are some basic guidelines that have proven to be successful when writing real estate agent bios, including the following:

  • Be brief – Your bio should be between 200 and 300 words. Write in a concise style that gets right to the point.
  • Narrative style/third person – The bio should be written in a narrative style from the third person perspective
  • Don’t sell – Avoid letting your bio become an advertisement as it will turn potential clients off. Creating an impression of a capable and honest real estate agent is what the bio should focus on
  • Revise and proofread – The first draft of your bio won’t be your best. Work on it until you are happy with the results and make sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

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