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Director of Development Bio Sample

Adam Buckler can be referred to as the consummate professional with vast cumulative experience spanning over 18 years in the Real Estate development, and Construction Management sectors. He is highly proficient in projects bids and negotiation, construction supervision of mid to high-rise buildings, hotels, high end residential, health care, and apartments.

In his current position as a Director of Development, Adam exhibits extensive experience garnered from working with all corporate levels, producing critical and high-level development coordination and workable solutions required for efficient management of various real estate projects. He is attracted towards the provision of a unique business environment, ensuring that each development meets or exceeds the financial goals of the project.

Adam is a calculated risk-taker with deep knowledge in providing analytical support for investment and strategic business decisions in real estate development. He is proficient in establishing ways to maximise property use and ROI. In addition, he is respected in the industry for his high-level objective analysis of subsidies and other financial vehicles that facilitate completion of projects within limits of the determined ROI objectives.
As a Vice President of Construction, he has successfully multitasked large-scale projects valued above $500m, and played pivotal roles in the identification, feasibility analysis and negotiation of real estate acquisitions in both New York City, California and Florida.

Adam’s excellent interpersonal skills, human resource management skills, and social intelligence, highlight his valuable assemblage of productive teams for major firms around the country. He is a charismatic, result-oriented leader with commitment towards building a conducive work environment and maximising opportunities for individual, group and company growth.

Between 2012 to 2016, he held the position of a Project Executive at X Group, New York, where he negotiated contracts, ensured adherence to government regulations in all company engagements, saved over $20m from reducing buyout costs and establishing direct purchases with suppliers, provided leadership and team support, and notably handled X Group’s main project: a $1b mixed use luxury condo development on the West side.

One of his career highlights was as a Construction Business Operations Consultants between 2007 – 2011 when he negotiated with local municipalities/government for the largest project in Upstate New York, U.S., valued at 4.6 billion dollars. He is strategic planner with quality empirical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.
Prior to this role, Adam served at different companies, designing and delivering successful programs, handling project executions, management development, team building, diversity, customer service, sales, change and performance management, among others.

Adam read Finance at the University X, City. Some other certifications and affiliations in his portfolio include: Six Sigma, NHBA, CMA and N.E.A.S. He holds a Private Pilot’s Licence and a Construction Tool Patent. Embracing the core values of innovation, integrity, and growth, Adam is focused on meeting organizational objectives.
He is your modern-day renaissance guy, with love for art, design, fast cars, motorcycles, traveling, and culture. His hobbies include relaxing on the beach, skiing, diving, hiking, and riding on his Tesla.

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