The Golden Collection of Biography Jokes

Also known as bio, a biography is a comprehensive description of an individual’s life. The content of a bio shows more than merely the education, relationship, work or other basic facts about the person. Instead, it portrays an individual’s life events and experiences. Compared to a curriculum vitae or profile, a biography would portray or show the life story of a subject, highlighting various aspects such as intimate details of the person’s experience. Biography is important and useful since it is a great way for an individual to highlight the most memorable and important aspects of his life as well as career. It’s a great way to enable your audience to learn more about you. In the case of a student, your bio is a great piece that reveals more about your potentials than your CV or profile would do.And, a business owner can use a powerful bio to boost awareness, increase credibility, establish himself as an authority in his niche, and ultimately capture more clients and customers on the long term. Biography writing requires a lot of tact and expertise in order to achieve your goal with such type of writing.

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Funny Biography Examples

How you present your biography (with a touch or humour or strictly formal) will depend on what you want to achieve with the bio as well as your target audience. For strictly formal bio, you should rather keep humour minimal or completely out of the way.

On the other hand, for the informal purpose, adding a touch of humour to your bio can help catch the attention of your target audience. Funny bios can be great for social purposes such as the typical funny biography examples you will find on social platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Also, a funny bio can make you stand out in your niche.

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Tips on How to Write a Biography

Familiarising yourself with valuable tips for writing a biography will help improve your chances of creating great bio. There are many reasons you may need a biography; promotional purpose, business plan, or for social interaction.

Here’s a guide on how to put a great bio together:

  • Collate the information you need: Typical examples of such pieces of information include your remarkable life stories, special experiences, skills, jobs, education and qualifications.
  • Collate evidences of remarkable performances: These include awards, copyrights, as well as outstanding professional or personal accomplishments. Remember, all you’re doing at this point is pooling information and resources together for the bio.
  • Request for testimonials: Testimonials from authorities at work, school or other respectable sources can help give weight to your biography. And, when you obtain such testimonials, ask for permission to mention the testifiers also in your bio.
  • Customize the collated info to suit your audience: Decide what should be included in the biography and what should be left out, with your audience in view. To do this, ask yourself questions such as who are the readers? What information is suitable for these readers?
  • Capture a complete range of your skills: Integrate a set of info that portrays a complete range and mix of your special attributes such as experience, skills, training and expertise.
  • It’s time to write the biography: Start writing the biography once you have sorted through your pool of information and have decided on what to include and leave out. Consider writing in a third person’s voice. And, bear in mind that the first writing is only a draft and need not be perfect yet.

Finally, as much as you can, ensure your bio text is visual as well as active. It should be lively, interesting and difficult to resist. Proofread your draft and make corrections. If you are not satisfied with your written bio, seek a professional biography writing help. Ensure your bio is the best it can be before releasing it to your readers or audience.

Funny Biography Jokes

Someone asked a friend:

What do I include in my biography?

The friend Responds:

Tell the story that as a little child, you always turned the bookshelves in your dad’s library to a grocery shelf, displaying all the cans and containers in the home and asking mom and dad to come buy.

But Why?

The Friend Response:

It will portray that your special marketing skills are in-born and unbeatable!

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