Tips for Professional Physicist Biography Writing

Most Helpful Physicist Biography Tip

Mary McVicker, author of Women Adventurers: 1750 to 1900 and numerous other biographical works, has a lot of experience in making subjects come to life on the page. In her article Tips On Writing A Biography in The Writer, she has a very helpful suggestion to make about biographical writing: start with asking “What interests me about this person”?

It may seem like finding the answer to that question when you’re writing about a physicist might be a challenge. But think outside the box. Getting to know their personal details can help you really understand them.

Writing Biography of Physicist

Even with that sage advice, professional physicist biography writing can sound very daunting at first. You have to deal with a lot of complicated subjects. But with these helpful tips, we’ll have you back to it in no time. Here are the best ways to start writing the biography of a physicist.

Think of it as a conversation

Consider what you would want to ask this person if you got to sit down and have lunch with them. Those are probably the burning questions – the ones with all the mystery and intrigue in them. “Why did you make this choice?” is a fantastic topic to address in a biography.

Write a research plan

This is the tough part – buckling down and doing all the reading. A good research plan helps. It stops you from getting overwhelmed and gives you direction. Let it be shaped by the questions you’ve developed from the first point, and you’re good to go.

Choose a good starting place

It doesn’t always have to be the birth! If there’s an interesting story around that, sure, but think about getting creative. Start with the family tree, or start with their death and flash back to their birth. Sometimes writing is all about knowing when to break the rules.

Don’t get bogged down in the technicalities

Yes, you’re writing about a physicist, but remember that you’re writing about them as a person. You have to go into their theories and what they accomplished, but you don’t have to go into every single detail of every single experiment. Just give an overview and a few of the most important points.

Remember: it’s a story

When you’re writing your biography, you get to choose what to include and what to ignore. Skim over periods of inactivity and irrelevant details. What you’re telling is, ultimately, a story about someone’s life, and you get to decide how that story is told. Use that power wisely!

Help With Biographical Writing

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