Tricks of Writing an Author Bio in 5 Minutes

Purpose of Writing an Author Bio

If you are an author at some point you will probably have to write an author bio. Whether you write books, short stories or poems, writing an author bio will most likely be required if you are going to be published. Although writing the bio is usually a dreaded task by most authors, it can actually benefit you and help with marketing your work. Even if you aren’t required to write the author bio it is still a good idea to have one.

An author bio can be used for:

  • Website – Many authors have their own website they can post their bio on
  • Book jacket – An author bio should be included on book jackets
  • Press releases – Press releases and other book promotions
  • Story submissions – When you submit a story or article for publication an author bio is often required

Tips for Writing an Author Bio

The following are some tips for writing an author bio that may prove useful:

  1. Use author bio samples – Look at author bio examples for books in your genre to get an idea how other authors write their bios and get some ideas for your own.
  2. Include your greatest writing achievement – The high point of your writing career should be included early on in the bio. Don’t include a long list of achievements, just one or two highlights. If you have never been published before don’t be afraid to say so, but don’t make a big deal about it either.
  3. Be brief – Generally the better known the author, the shorter the bio. There is some debate as to what length the author bio should be. There are those that say around 100 words, while others believe it should be 200 words or less. Between 100 and 200 words to start is likely okay.
  4. Provide a way for fans to contact you – A website address, twitter account or an email address for fan mail should be included at the end of your bio.

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