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What Is a Resume Bio?

Regardless of which bio for resume you mean when you say resume bio, the purpose is the same. It is a brief summary of who you are and what you do targeted at a specific audience. It is meant to establish your qualifications and experience and create enough interest in the reader so that they want to learn more about you.

Basically, the major difference is in length. The first two bios may be up to one page in length although they can be less. Number three is a much more concise version that should be only one paragraph of 50 words or so. There can be some confusion or misunderstanding when talking about the resume bio. When people say “resume bio” they can be referring to one of three things:

  1. Resume bio for some is a bio that is used in place of the resume
  2. Resume bio may refer to a professional bio that accompanies your bio.
  3. Resume bio can be a short bio included at the top of your resume similar to a resume profile statement

Elements of the Resume Bio

The resume bio should establish your credentials and generate interest in a concise manner. To do so it needs to contain the following elements:

  • Your name and current position. It should also cover your areas of responsibility in the position and one or two notable achievements.
  • The bio should have a focus. The purpose is to land a job interview. Focus on your achievements that most closely match the requirements of the position you are applying for. This shows you are qualified for the position and will generate interest in the employer looking to fill a position.
  • All information should be relevant to the position being applied for. If it isn’t relevant then the information shouldn’t be included.
  • Employment history. Previous positions held and areas of responsibility. If a position isn’t relevant to the job being applied for it can be left out. Unlike with resumes, there is no need to explain gaps in employment history.
  • Professional affiliations. Any groups you are affiliated with that are relevant and industry related.
  • Awards. Any industry related awards or special recognition you have received that are relevant.
  • Education and professional credentials. Include colleges/universities you have graduated from, any special industry related training you have received. Don’t include education prior to college.
  • Contact information. Make sure to include your contact information

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How to Write a Bio for a Job

There are no specific rules for how to write a bio for a job. However certain techniques and guidelines have proven to be generally more effective. These are:

  • Be brief. Your bio should be less than one page
  • Customize the bio. Focus on your skills most closely related to the job being applied for. You can’t include everything so leave out information not related to the job.
  • Narrative style/third person. Use a narrative style of writing and write from the third person perspective
  • Include the most important information first. Your bio should provide the information that an employer would be most interested in first in order to catch their interest and make them read further

How to Write a Bio on Yourself

Writing about yourself can be the hardest task for a lot of people. You can be either too self-criticizing or praise yourself too much.

If you do have to write about yourself, the following is one way how to prepare a bio that is fairly basic and easy:

  • Introduction. The opening of your bio is critical. This is where you hook the reader or lose them. The opening should contain your name, a summary of what you do and some reference to your skills and experience.
  • Body. This is where you can further outline your work and achievements. Avoid going into great detail. Include the most recent, relevant information. No more than two or three short paragraphs are necessary.
  • Conclusion. This will consist of a brief reminder of what you do, perhaps one or two sentences that convey something personal (but not too personal) and a call to action.
  • Contact information. Including contact information is essential in most cases, although it depends on the purpose the bio is being used for.
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Tips for How to Write a Bio on Yourself

The following useful tips should be kept in mind when writing your own bio:

  1. Know your audience. Determine the purpose of the bio, who will read it and the impression you want to make before starting to write. This will influence what information you include.
  2. Be brief. The bio should be less than a page in length so you should write in a concise style that gets to the point.
  3. Narrative style/third person. A narrative style of writing from the third person perspective should be used.
  4. Credentials/achievements. Most likely you can’t include them all. Get the most impressive and noteworthy information in first.
  5. Keep it relevant. The credentials and achievements you do include should be relevant to the bios purpose. Anything not relevant shouldn’t be used.
  6. Personal touch. Provide a sentence or two on something personal. How is that relevant? Showing a bit of your personal life makes it easier to create a connection with the reader.
  7. Revise and proofread. It isn’t easy to cover what you want in a page or less. You may have to revise several times to get it right. Eliminate spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

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